Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Take Advantage of a Life-Transforming Opportunity: I-LEAD’s Leadership Development Program
A Program Specially Designed for Harcum’s Community Scholars

One of life’s most important lessons is that success and happiness do not result simply from intelligence, abilities, and hard work. Of course, your efforts at school and in your job or business matter a lot. These efforts deeply affect your future. But there is something perhaps even more important to your future success and happiness — your relationship network and your ability to collaborate creatively with others. Your success within interpersonal collaborations — at home with your family, your friends, and relatives, your neighbors in your community, your colleagues in your workplace. Your ability to create and follow through on these opportunities for creative collaboration will profoundly affect your success and happiness in life. 

The skills required for such creative collaborations are not easy to identify and the paths to strengthen your skills and abilities in this area are not always clear and accessible. People with wisdom and substantial experience refer to these skills in many different ways. Sometimes they are called 21st Century Skills. We also call them “people skills,” or “emotional intelligence.” We might call them “teamwork” or we might understand them simply as the ability to be effective. Very often, we refer to this bundle of skills involved in creative collaboration as “leadership.” 

Leadership is a very complex human activity that is a critical part of group dynamics across a broad range of settings. Leadership involves mindfulness, listening, dialogue, negotiation, conflict resolution, visioning, teamwork, systems thinking, ethical reasoning and other related abilities. When people within a group have poor leadership skills, the group often become dysfunctional, ineffective, or engaged in endless internal conflicts and infighting. Groups that lack members with strong leadership skills may encounter ongoing problems and eventually may fail or disband. 

I-LEAD’s Leadership Program

I-LEAD (the Institute for Leadership Education) has twenty-five years of experience helping people to develop their leadership skills and in doing so, to transform their future. For more than fifteen years, I-LEAD has been a leading partner collaborating with Harcum College to build the Achieve College Education Movement (the ACE Network). The ACE Network is formed by all of the community-based organizations in Harcum’s Partnership Sites program. 

This year in a special collaboration with Harcum’s Community Scholars program, every Harcum Community Scholar (that’s you!) has full funding (meaning no out of pocket costs) to participate in I-LEAD’s Leadership program. Should you choose to participate, this program provides you with an opportunity that will help you build powerful leadership skills that will revolutionize and strengthen your ability to interact creatively with others. Graduates of our Leadership program have had amazing success in building businesses, serving in positions of political leadership, taking on community leadership roles and, most importantly, achieving personal happiness and success. By participating in the program, you will build lifelong friendships and build a set of specific skills that will strengthen you for the rest of your life and help you to engage, aspire and achieve your dreams.

Take Action Now!

Click here to see the Leadership Program schedule for the 2020-21 year and to register. Don’t miss this important opportunity to take charge of your future and invest in yourself.

Meet Thomas Jarrett

Meet Thomas Jarrett

Meet Thomas Jarrett, a graduate of Harcum College who is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at West Chester University. 

Like many adult students, Thomas had tried attending college before he enrolled at Harcum. He dropped in and out of classes at the local community college but just didn’t feel ready to commit to a degree program. Eventually, he had to drop out completely to take care of family members who were in poor health. During that time he bounced around different retail jobs before landing a position as manager and then one as a supervisor which came with a crazy schedule. Thomas helped some younger cousins figure out how to sign up for SATs and paid their fees; later he helped them apply to college. A natural helper, Thomas was glad to be there but started to feel resentment for their opportunity and his responsibility.  “I knew it was the right thing to do, but I felt stuck.” 

Thomas didn’t like these negative feelings or the fact that his work schedule dictated his life. He felt like his life path was set and opportunity had passed him by. Unwilling to settle for such dissatisfaction with his current conditions, he decided to take some time off work to reflect. In those quiet moments, Thomas saw that this wasn’t the end of the road for him. And on that same vacation, he saw a Facebook ad for the Harcum Partnership Sites Achieve College Education (ACE) program.  “And I knew right away that it was for me.” 

Determined to take action on his own behalf, Thomas spoke with the site coordinator for Harcum in Chester. He decided to apply and was accepted as a Harcum Community Scholar that provided, besides other benefits, a generous scholarship from the college. With the support of fellow students and staff, Thomas finally achieved his dream of earning a college degree — with honors! He’d proven to himself that he was capable of succeeding; that understanding propelled him to seek a bachelor’s degree. A shift in mindset reframed all of Thomas’ life experience. “Everyone has their season. The journey is the journey. This is mine.”

As a Harcum Community Scholar, you too will have a transformative experience while working towards your degree. And you’ll become a shining example to those around you — proof that just about anything is possible if you seize the moment!

To connect with Thomas, please reach out to [email protected].

ACE for Foster Care

ACE for Foster Care

Since I-LEAD launched the Achieve College Education (ACE) program in 2005, more than 1000 of you have earned your associate degree and many of you have gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree. It took a lot of heart and courage and determination to get through school while working, taking care of kids, and dealing with the random stuff life throws at you. 

The ACE program was specifically set-up for people who simply couldn’t travel to a college campus several times a week, at different times of the day, to take classes. It was set-up to fit in with all of your other responsibilities that working parents have. 

This fall, we are taking ACE into the foster care community in the Philadelphia region. Like many of you, young adults in foster care have to overcome many hurdles as they move through life. To many, getting to college, navigating the bureaucracy, while often feeling unprepared academically, seems like too much. The supportive services provided by ACE Site Coordinators will also be available to these young adults to facilitate their awareness of the importance of higher education to secure a stable future, and enroll in and complete an associate degree program through our new Site Partner, Delta Community Supports/Delta Family Services at both its Glenside and Levittown locations. Delta Community Supports is a leader in the human services field and committed to enriching the lives of those served and nurturing the development of staff. The Supervised Independent Living Program (SIL) for youth aging out of foster is hosted in Glenside and the first class starts this fall. If you know a young adult in the foster care system or someone who is soon to age out of care, let us know. We can help! Send an email to Cynda at [email protected] or call 877-427-7037 x3.