Meet Thomas Jarrett, a graduate of Harcum College who is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at West Chester University. 

Like many adult students, Thomas had tried attending college before he enrolled at Harcum. He dropped in and out of classes at the local community college but just didn’t feel ready to commit to a degree program. Eventually, he had to drop out completely to take care of family members who were in poor health. During that time he bounced around different retail jobs before landing a position as manager and then one as a supervisor which came with a crazy schedule. Thomas helped some younger cousins figure out how to sign up for SATs and paid their fees; later he helped them apply to college. A natural helper, Thomas was glad to be there but started to feel resentment for their opportunity and his responsibility.  “I knew it was the right thing to do, but I felt stuck.” 

Thomas didn’t like these negative feelings or the fact that his work schedule dictated his life. He felt like his life path was set and opportunity had passed him by. Unwilling to settle for such dissatisfaction with his current conditions, he decided to take some time off work to reflect. In those quiet moments, Thomas saw that this wasn’t the end of the road for him. And on that same vacation, he saw a Facebook ad for the Harcum Partnership Sites Achieve College Education (ACE) program.  “And I knew right away that it was for me.” 

Determined to take action on his own behalf, Thomas spoke with the site coordinator for Harcum in Chester. He decided to apply and was accepted as a Harcum Community Scholar that provided, besides other benefits, a generous scholarship from the college. With the support of fellow students and staff, Thomas finally achieved his dream of earning a college degree — with honors! He’d proven to himself that he was capable of succeeding; that understanding propelled him to seek a bachelor’s degree. A shift in mindset reframed all of Thomas’ life experience. “Everyone has their season. The journey is the journey. This is mine.”

As a Harcum Community Scholar, you too will have a transformative experience while working towards your degree. And you’ll become a shining example to those around you — proof that just about anything is possible if you seize the moment!

To connect with Thomas, please reach out to [email protected].