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Community Scholars Newsletter II

  • Most of you are juggling multiple responsibilities every day. Work schedules, childcare, ZOOM learning for your kids, household chores, grocery shopping. Whew! And on top of it all, you decided to go back to school adding yet another layer of complexity to your already complicated life. Because you know where you want to go and you made the commitment to do what you had to do to get there.  How to keep so many balls
  • Meet Jovani.  A single mother of two from the city of Chester, Jovani was anxious about returning to school as an adult, having so much time out of the classroom. She would ask herself “Am I too old? Will I remember anything? Will I look stupid?”. But she put those negative thoughts aside and enrolled in the Human Services degree program to be a role model to her children and improve the quality of their
  • The pandemic. It’s literally…everywhere. It has become the filter through which all daily life activities and interactions must be sifted and adjusted. Necessary changes have caused upheaval in routines, patterns, relationships. “Normal” life was always a bit stressful, but covid has upped the stress decibel in all of our lives. We feel it. Our households feel it. The wider community and even the planet feels it. And within a Covid operating environment there are also
  • Leadership
    Take Advantage of a Life-Transforming Opportunity: I-LEAD’s Leadership Development Program A Program Specially Designed for Harcum’s Community Scholars One of life’s most important lessons is that success and happiness do not result simply from intelligence, abilities, and hard work. Of course, your efforts at school and in your job or business matter a lot. These efforts deeply affect your future. But there is something perhaps even more important to your future success and happiness —
  • Thomas Jarrett
    Meet Thomas Jarrett, a graduate of Harcum College who is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at West Chester University.  Like many adult students, Thomas had tried attending college before he enrolled at Harcum. He dropped in and out of classes at the local community college but just didn’t feel ready to commit to a degree program. Eventually, he had to drop out completely to take care of family members who were in
  • ACE foster care
    Since I-LEAD launched the Achieve College Education (ACE) program in 2005, more than 1000 of you have earned your associate degree and many of you have gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree. It took a lot of heart and courage and determination to get through school while working, taking care of kids, and dealing with the random stuff life throws at you.  The ACE program was specifically set-up for people who simply couldn’t travel